Rich Mine 2 is a physics-based game in which you must help a gnome collect treasure.

Rich Mine 2

Gems and other objects are held in place by ropes, and you have to cut the ropes so that the gems roll to the gnome’s bag of treasure. Every level has coins, which are collected when the gem touches them. You’ll also encounter enemies, which can be killed by dropping objects on top of them. Collecting coins and killing enemies will add to your score.
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The mine-dwelling gnome is back, and this time, he's getting ready for Christmas!

Rich Mine 2 Xmas

Help to collect the ornaments by cutting the ropes that are attached to them. Try to get the ornament to touch all of the snowflakes on its way to the gnome’s bag. The ornament must be kept away from baddies, but you can kill the baddies with the environment. Killing baddies and collecting snowflakes will increase your score.
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You need drag and rotate the cubes together to form the picture.

Picture Cubes

Combine cubes to assemble peculiar images. Drag and rotate cubes to assemble a certain picture from the slices located on the top side of the cubes. Complete each level as quickly as you can. Drag the cube by the central spot to move it. Click to select the cube and use left or right arrow keys to rotate it.
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